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Asphalt Striping and Pavement Marking in Orange County -- For Over 44 Years

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Laguna Asphalt Paving Inc. provides affordable, top-quality asphalt striping and restriping for parking lots, roads or any other asphalt pavement requiring markings. We can design your parking lot striping for you or follow your plan. We will work with you in whatever way best suits your needs to give you attractive, long lasting and satisfying results.

First impressions go a long way, and the appearance of your parking lot is the first impression a customer or visitor forms about your business or facility. In addition to sealcoating, new-looking striping and markers on a parking lot optimize its appearance and create an atmosphere of cleanliness, order and eminence that will increase customers' desire to patronize your facility or business.

Clear and even good-looking striping and markers are not only great for business; they are a safety necessity. Traffic markers tell vehicles which directions they should and shouldn't drive, how to navigate other traffic and when to give right of way, where to look out for pedestrians, where to pickup and drop off, and more. They also tell pedestrians where to walk and cross safely and in what directions to look out for cars.

General Info

Laguna Asphalt Paving Inc. does any striping job, large or small. We use the best, most advanced equipment and materials to stripe and mark your parking lot or other asphalt pavement. Our expert, professional stripers have years of experience and always do the job right, on time and within budget. We even offer custom striping and marking per your request.

New striping can be done about 3 hours after the sealcoat is dry to the touch. The striping paint will take between 30 minutes and 3 hours to fully dry, after which cars can drive on it. Restriping usually needs to be done every couple of years, depending on the amount of wear and tear on the parking lot. Whether striping or restriping, we use stencils and other tools to ensure all of the lines are straight, precisely placed according to design and have correct, regular measurements.

Striping Planning and Design

Designing your parking lot allows you to plan the parking spaces, traffic markings and other striping for maximum benefit to your customers, employees, and ultimately your business or facility. Layout and design planning can help you properly accommodate and locate handicapped spaces, fire lanes and other legally required areas and markings (see the paragraph below for more information about handicapped parking space requirements.) It can also help maximize the number of spaces in the lot, improve traffic flow, and designate specific spaces for VIPs, visitors, employees, commercial and customer loading, and more.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, enacted in July 1990, regulates handicapped parking space specifications for parking lots. Every business is required to have a certain number of handicapped-accessible parking spaces and van parking spaces depending on the number of square feet of utilized facility. Laguna Asphalt Paving Inc. has years of experience following and working with the ADA on hundreds of parking lot projects, so we can help you plan your lot in a way that meets these legal requirements while still maximizing your remaining parking spaces and otherwise meeting your needs for the lot.

If you need help with your layout and design, let our professional team lend their planning expertise to your project. We will create for you or help you create a design that meets all legal regulations, your personal specifications, and your aesthetic expectations. If you've already designed your parking lot and just need striping services, Laguna Asphalt Paving Inc. will follow your plan precisely and perform flawless striping or restriping for your asphalt pavement.


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